Quick Facts

Shattering Throw


Spell Details

Duration 10 seconds
School Physical
Mechanic n/a
Dispel type n/a
GCD category n/a
Cost None
Range 0 yards (Medium Range)
Cast time 1.5 seconds
Cooldown 5 minutes
GCD 1.5 seconds
Scaling +50.00% of attack power to direct component
Requires Daggers, Fist Weapons, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Swords, Polearms, Staves, Two-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Maces, Two-Handed Swords
Effect #1 School Damage:
Value: 12
Effect #2 Apply Aura: Mod Resistance Percent (Physical)
Value: -20